Thanks to our experienced team, ENGIK guarantees repairs and operations for all models and brands of public works equipment.

Workshop Repairs

The setup of our maintenance workshop allows us to guarantee both common and difficult operations.

Equipment repairs are done as follows:

1] Collection of your equipment (with possibility of transportation on our behalf)

2] Expert assessment (taking apart and evaluation of reason for failure)

3] Sending of a cost estimate within 24 hours including the price, time estimate for full repair, and reason for failure.

4] Repairing of your equipment within a few days or immediately in certain cases of emergency.

5] Fast equipment delivery.

6] Our repairs are guaranteed and under warranty.

On-Site Operations

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Our team is available 24/7 for all equipment repairs, promising immediate responsiveness and quality service.  Our main objective is to minimize your production’s hold.

Our on-site operations with our fully-equipped workshop and assembly vehicles guarantees efficient and independent repairs.  For example, we possess a portable boring machine which allows us to repair your equipment on site.

Our accredited technicians guarantee climate control checks and surfacing on all of your equipment.

Our services for your equipment include:

1) Failure assessment

2) Analysis

3) Repairing

4) Reactivation

5) Improvement suggestions